Arnie Consultant focuses on providing growth and development opportunities for people to transform themselves into better, happy and confident people. We offer free online courses, workshops and group discussion sessions to lifelong learners around the world.

Sharing Knowledge

Well-Being Fitness

Strengthening people's well-being

This is a 4-month online workshop on different tools and exercises on strengthening a person’s wellbeing. Facilitated during the peak of COVID 19 with participants from Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, Sweden and Zimbabwe.

I am my MASTER

Become the master of your own life

This was a free online workshop on becoming a master of your own life for one year. Participants from different countries determined their values and processed past and present experiences that prevented them from being masters of their lives.


Common myths on gender and sexuality

An online group discussion for people to share what they know about gender, sexuality and their limiting beliefs on the topics. Common myths on gender and sexuality were discussed and debunked.

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